Hawaii 2011

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Sunset on the starboard side on the flight from Oahu to Molokai. Leaving Oahu behind on our port side. The sky and sea turned to gold minutes later. Meg preparing for our dive off Molokai.

Army surplus wetsuits? An eel we met on the first dive. Meg entering for the second dive. Hanging loose during our safety stop.

Big Island


This bird joined us for breakfast on our lanai. Enjoying lunch on the Kona coast. Sixteen manta rays turned up to this night dive. Their wing spans reached sixteen feet and they dwarfed the divers below.

The next night we dived miles off shore in 4000 feet of water, where even at our shallow depth we were surrounded by a million zooplankton, ranging from micoscopic to twelve inches long; this one was about two inches. Meg snorkelling - much happier during the day and in shallow water! An angel fish sporting its long dorsal fin. A slate pencil sea urchin.

A small green sea turtle Sunset on the last day of 2010. New Year's resolution: charter a helicopter over a volcano. Preflight. Copilot Meg!

A small caldera of the volcano Kilauea, as seen from the helicopter. Lava spewing forth from the depths of the earth.

A flower in Akaka falls national park. The Akaka falls.



Aloha Hawai'i.    
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